Welcome to the APEX 2016 Santiago website!


Kneeling from left to right: Pamela Vízner Oyarce, Taylor Morales, Caroline Gil, Leandro Listorti, Mona Jimenez, Luis “Polo” Lillo, Lucía Secco, Mariel Balás. Standing from left to right: Jeanette Garcés, Howard Besser, Allie Whalen, Gabriel, Carolina Cappa, Juana Suarez, Michael Pazmino. Next row from left to right: Kate Cronin, Molly McBride, Manon Grey, Savannah Campbell, Ayshea Khan, Jonathan Farbowitz, Julieta Keldijan, Robert Anen. Next row from left to right: Soledad Abarca, Eddy Colloton, Pamela Fuentes, Julio Cabrio, Valeria Guerrero.

APEX 2016 will be taking place during the weeks of May 23 and May 30 in Santiago, Chile. APEX is a collaboration between NYU’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) Program, the AMIA student chapter at NYU, our partners in Chile—Biblioteca Nacional de Chile (National Library) and Señal Tres la Victoria (community television station). This year marks the fourth APEX organized by NYU students.

Support for APEX Santiago was provided by the APEX partners and by The Film Foundation, NYU Tisch Institute for Creative Research, NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Second Run Media Preservation, Jim Lindner, Amy Sloper and the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, Erik Piil, and Gonzalo Ramirez.